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Synchronised Swimming is all about unity, and as part of the Penzance Arts Festival ‘22,  an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people performing a synchronised swimming routine was organised as a fundraiser for Unicef.


270 swimmers took part.Half the swimmers wore yellow swim caps, the other half wore wear blue, and at the end of the routine, the participants came together to form a Ukrainian flag which was be filmed by drone.

'Swim for Ukraine' was conceived and produced by artist, Anthony Garratt in collaboration with Newlyn School of Art



An extraordinary collaboration between painter, musicians, poet, engineers and film makers to create an installation for Anglesey on the anniversary of the Royal Charter Storm. Featured as Top Ten Outdoor Art Events in the Guardian and Spectator. See dedicated website for footage, film and to read more...



WildWords, by artist Anthony Garratt, is a series of collaborative art installations which 'scorch' texts about natural recovery, and our relationship with the natural world

into areas of short grass. 

The words, committed to the earth, will appear over a couple of days following the 'branding' as the grass dies and alters from green to brown. Over the following weeks; the time it will take for the grass to recover, the poem will transition from brown, back to green, until finally disappearing once recovery is complete.



An award winning painting installation about the North Wales mining industry, which saw a 12 square metre, double sided painting moored on the highest lake on Snowdon mountain for 6 months, and another hanging deep in a slate cavern. The project won Arts and Business award in Wales and featured on BBC National television, Watch the film to see the whole story...

Lands End 04.jpg


Anthony teamed up with Newlyn School of Art and National Trust to create the longest ever recorded line of painters, raising awareness and funds for coastal erosion alleviation between Lands End and Sennen. The installation was the first in a series of mass painting performances and featured on BBC National News. Visit the dedicated website to see footage and read more...

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 19.23.23.png


Following a residency together in the Wilderness of South Africa, the renowned photographer Barry Cawston and painter, Anthony Garratt decided to form a new collaboration under the name 'Cawston Garratt'. The collaboration launched in London at After Nyne Gallery, February 2019.

Please visit the website to view these unique and original artworks and to make purchase enquiries.

Cawston and Garratt released series 2 in 2021, and are working on new ideas for the next collaboration artworks

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